The Macedonian Orthodontic Society is the initiator of numerous seminars and congresses in Macedonia. The society needed a professional Congress organizer for the 2nd Congress of the Macedonian Orthodontic Society due to the possibility to make Macedonia the destination for the European Orthodontic Congress in 2019.


Exploring Macedonia used its professionalism and expertise in the early stages in the development of the 2nd Congress of the Macedonian Orthodontic Society. Our negotiation power in the market allowed us to create cost effective strategy for our client, in order to enrich the event scenario and provide more value to the congress. The online registration system that we offer to our clients adds on control and efficiency to the payment and registration status of the participants. We are in cooperation with the high quality providers of event management technical and logistics solution on the market, so our client was updated on-time regarding all of the solutions that we created for the location, e.g. staging, sitting, presentations, accessories etc. The client had 3D visuals created of the whole event.

Exploring Macedonia was responsible for all social, technological, logistical and hospitality activities that took place in the backstage of the conference and ensured everything to go according to our client's expectations.


The conference was visited by 100 international guests, 150 local guests and 15 exhibitors. The evaluation forms showed that the congress fulfilled the expectations of the participants and Macedonia as a destination will be in the competition for the European Congress of Orthodontists, 2019.

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