ExploringMacedonia is a comprehensive one-stop-shop for all travel needs of all business travellers, individuals as well as tour operators. One stop shop for your next trip, corporate meeting or conference, or exciting thematic tour through Macedonian secluded and thrilling sites.

Let us manage your next event by:

  • Preparing project proposal
  • Preparing detailed financial plan
  • Applying customized technology
    • Customized and reliable registration experience;
    • Upload of abstracts;
    • Online booking;
  • Logistics management
    • Travel arrangements;
    • Transportation services;
    • Audio/visual support;
    • On-site management;
  • Risk management
  • Conference reporting and evaluation

Why You Need to Contact Us?

1. We can reduce your costs. It costs much less to outsource the execution of your event, since we have considerable purchasing power in the market.

2. We have the Industry expertise and years of experience in implementing innovative conference management and IT solutions.

3. With us you can easily control every detail in the financial budgeting of your event. We will measure your ROI with precision.

4. We as Exploring Macedonia are investing in R&D for internal ease in the process of realization of activities, so that your conference runs smoothly.