The Council of Europe was planning to organize a Regional Meeting in Skopje/Ohrid or Struga for 60 international participants. For this purpose they were soliciting offers for the provision of a set of services needed for the successful organization of this event. Exploring Macedonia won the credit for the opportunity and organized the event.


Council of Europe sets high standards in detailed budget and valuable event management solutions. Exploring Macedonia followed Council of Europe's strict agenda and the on-site supervision controlled each and every minor detail, from technological to hospitality aspect of the coordination. The client was able to dedicate to the strategic mission of the workshop, while we made sure that everything was running smoothly behind the event.


In the final evaluation, our client stated that we met and exceeded Council of EU's expectations, giving us opportunities to enrich our mutual cooperation in all segments of Council of Europe departments. The leaders of the workshops marked their workshop as a valuable, social and interactive experience to their participants.

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