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Creating the Ultimate Macedonian Experience - Essences and emotions

Starts from: Skopje Duration: 6 days

Day 1

Canyon Matka

Visit Canyon Matka – Breakfast at the canyon at the local traditional restaurant. Boat tour at the canyon and a visit to local monasteries. Departure to Mavrovo national park.

One of the most beautiful mountain valleys, Mavrovo, together with the lake and mountain Bistra, is placed in the western part of Macedonia, only one hour driving from the capital city Skopje. Mysterious and romantic, sheltered by the high hills of mountain Korab, Mavrovo region was famous during centuries, by the hospitality of its well-known inns in the past, and by its ski center Zare Lazarevski today.

Visit to monastery "Sv. Jovan Bigorski".

Saint Jovan Bigorski

Sv. Jovan Bigorski (St. John Bigorski) monastery is dedicated to Sv. Jovan Krstitel (Saint John the Baptist). It is located on the road between Gostivar and Debar, in the beautiful valley of the river Radika.

The monastery complex is comprised of the monastery church, the ossuary located next to the church, the seymen defense tower, the monastery mansions complex, as well as the newly built guest mansion.

Lazaropole lunch at local traditional restaurant. Spa and relax session in Mavrovo.

Day 2

Departure from Mavrovo to Galicnik – tasting of traditional cheese and kacamak.

Galicnik, Macedonia... The village is located about 10 km from the artificial lake of Mavrovo and the ski resort of Zare Lazarevski, deep in the Mavrovo national park. People from Galicnik and northwestern Macedonia appreciate its mature yellow cheese kaskaval as well as the local salt brine white cheese belo sirenje. Galicnik is also famous for its local traditional architecture, including an amphitheater in the village square, its summer Galicnik Art Colony and its countryside and nature reserve.

Later departure to Ohrid, the city of 365 churches.


Lunch at local restaurant for the ultimate taste of Ohrid (the best fish in town).

Visit to St. Sofija and St. Kaneo – sunset and culture session.

Day 3

Departure to St. Naum (extraordinary environment, church, monastery, lake and riverside). Lunch at Trpejca at a local restaurant for the best sunset and fish. (the real feel). Ohrid night walk at the bazaar. Shopping the Ohrid pearls (high quality ones), the best souvenir.

Day 4

Departure to Brajcino-Prespa lake, monastery St. Petka, hiking to local churches.

Day 5

Departure to Prilep, monastery Treskavec (the road from Galicica).

Visit to Popova Kula Winery.

Popova Kula Winery

Day 6

Departure to Tikves winery. Wine tasting and lunch at the traditional Tikvesh restaurant (excellent food and service).

Tikves Winery

Departure to Skopje.

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