Kratovo is a small picturesque town in Macedonia, one of the regions' living museums. It is the seat of Kratovo Municipality. It lies on the western slopes of Mount Osogovo at an altitude of 600 metres (2,000 ft) above sea level. Having a mild and pleasant climate, it is located in the crater of an extinct volcano. It is famous for its bridges.


During the reign of the Serbian noblemen in 1282, Kratovo had become a mining centre, thanks to the experienced Saxon, i.e. from Saxony or, presumably, from Flanders, miners who came to activate the mine. The importance of Kratovo can be judged through the visit of Sultan Murad who together with his army headed towards Kosovo, but stayed in Kratovo in order to visit the already famous town of gold and silver.
The mining exploitation continued, until the Karposh's Rebellion in 1689, when the town was devastated and the mine closed. In 1805 the mine was rented by Ali-Beg Majdemdzija and the work continued. According to the writings of Amu Bue, the town had 56,000 inhabitants 1836. Until the end of the 19th century the town rapidly stagnated and the once most beautiful "Čarsija", with goldsmith and silversmith shops, decayed.


Today's Kratovo has many characteristics of the past times. Once there were 12 towers, but now one can notice six towers which primarily served miners, chiefs and guards. The Kratovo bridges are another characteristic of this town made by old masters. The town has unique and interesting architecture from the 19th century and a unique Art gallery of children's drawings, with pictures by Kratovo children which have won numerous prizes at different international exhibitions.
Currently many organizations are working on rebuilding the city. One of the most valiant of these efforts comes from the University of Florida Engineering Without Borders program who are currently working on the development of a sustainable solid waste system to aid the efforts of Macedonia in attaining recognition in the European Union.

Travel by bus

If you are considering to go by bus you have a several of buses between Skopje and Kratovo. Time travel is 2 hours. Price for one way ticket is 190 denars/3 EUR and two way tickets is 300 denars / 4.9EUR.

Time of departure from Skopje: 07:30,13:00, 16:00, 16:40.

Note: If you are considering travelling on weekend and holidays please contact the bus station for any changes of the lines.

Travel by train

 There is no train line to the city.

Travel with taxi

If you are not comfortable to travel by train or bus, you can always get a taxi. The price for one way is more or less 2500 denars/40.6 EUR.

We recommended:

ABC Logistica
Mob: +389 78 504 500
Tel: +389 2 6143 900

Go with a car or rent a car

If you'd like to explore the land during your travel to Kratovo you can go with a car or rent a car. Distance between Skopje and Kratovo is 92 km.

For rent a car we recommended:

ABC Logistica
Mob: +389 78 504 500
Tel: +389 2 6143 900

MIDA Rent-a-car
Office 2 (Airport Alexander the Great)
Tel/Fax + 389 22 56 10 10
24 hour service phones
Mob.1: 070 256 433
Mob.2: 071 223 042
Mob.3: 070 366 958